The GoldenPersonality Profiler
version 5.1
Integrates the most respected personality models into an innovative and informative framework.
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World Class Assessmentsat Your Finger Tips!
Designed to help the people you serve
get the insight they need.
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The ValuesArrangement List
A powerful coaching and development tool that fosters
a deep understanding of what is most important.
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The SmartestOnline Assessment System
Ever Developed
Easy to administer, access, distribute and archive
surveys and reports.
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The GoldenStudent Profiler
Breaks new ground in the assessment of personality profiles
for middle and high school aged teens.
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Join Our GoldenGlobal Family
of Elite Professional Practitioners
Thousands of coaches, teachers, professors,
trainers, counsellors already have.
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The ValuesArrangement List
for Teens
Define the values that are most important for
middle and high school aged teens.
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The ValuesArrangement List
for Organizations
A powerful tool for mapping your organization’s values
and the culture.
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Certification Training

Enhance your professional credentials around your busy work and personal schedules. Golden's online Golden Personality Type Profiler certification training course was developed to meet the needs of professional administrators.

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Zone B

Connects qualified and certified Golden's enthusiasts around the world in our online global network. Share your member profile, find other experts, access learning modules and resources and have some fun.

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About Golden LLC

A global leader in the self-assessment field.    

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