About On-Line Administration

Professional Credentials for an Online Administration Account
To establish an on-line administration account with GoldenLLC, you, or someone in your organization, must complete the on-line application showing evidence of meeting at least one of the four professional requirements identified below. If you have questions regarding these requirements or your ability to meet them as stated, please contact us, or complete the online account application now and a representative will contact you.


1. Possess a four year college degree from an accredited university or college with a major in psychology, sociology, education, human resource management or other field of study with course work in the use of educational and psychological tests, measures, and/or statistics.

2. Possess a valid professional license in a related human services discipline, and/or provide evidence of having completed the certification requirements for other recognized self-assessment surveys or instruments, or have successfully completed a certification course recognized by GoldenLLC.

3. Possess a minimum of four years of on-the-job experience in a human services profession or occupation and successfully passed a university/college level course in educational or psychological testing and measures and statistics, or provide proof of sponsorship by a qualified mentor or sponsoring organization.

4. Possess a graduate degree in a human services or related area of study, i.e., Psychology, Education, Sociology, Medicine, Business, Law, etc.

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