The Golden Personality Profiler version 5.1

A powerful tool for gaining deep self-knowledge and awareness

The answers to life's most important questions and challenges are formed, first and foremost, by having accurate self-insights. Administered worldwide by schools and organizations in all industries, the Golden Personality Profiler is the most in-depth personality assessments available. Golden's unique model powered by Jung's psychological type, Thurston's five factor model, Allport's trait theory, Hippocrates temperament theory and Selye's stress theory, offers deep insight into one's personality, as well as affords the ability to understand others better, making the Golden the perfect tool to guide you or your clients to better answers and solutions for life's most pressing challenges.

The Golden at a Glance

  • Measures, Personality Type, Traits, Temperament and Response to Stress
  • 5 Global Scales
  • 40 Facet Scales
  • Insights on career and major selection, team, leadership, stress management, coaching tips, personal development
  • 125 Questions/170 Scored Items
  • Advanced question/item format
  • Online Admin only
  • 25-30 minutes to complete
  • Ages 16 years plus
  • Free support materials, guides and technical manuals
  • Lifetime Zone B global membership organization available
  • Certification Level - B, online training available to meet qualification requirements (Link)

The Golden's 5 Global Scales:

  • Energy - Extraverting vs Introverting
  • Information - Sensing vs iNtuiting
  • Deciding - Thinking vs Feeling
  • Controlling - organiZing vs Adapting
  • Stressing - Tense vs Calm

The Golden’s 40 Facet Scales:


Talkative, Socially Bold, Outgoing, Participative, Quiet, Reserved, Intimate, Reflective


Concrete, Practical, Conventional, Traditional, Abstract, Innovative, Visionary, Trend-setting


Rational, Autonomous, Analytic, Competitive, Empathetic, Compassionate, Warm, Nurturing


Planned, Reliable, Deliberate, Conforming, Open-Ended, Casual, Spontaneous, Non-conforming


Concerned, Unsure, Unsettled*, Unconstrained*, Optimistic, Confident, Resilient* & Regulated*

Who Should Take the Golden?

High School Students, College Students, Coaching Clients, Employees, Team members, Managers, Leaders, Spouses & Parents.

Golden Application Settings:

  • Career and educational planning
  • Personal development
  • Teambuilding
  • Coaching
  • Counseling
  • Management/leadership development

Who Administers the Golden?

Counselors, Teachers, Professors, Coaches, Trainers, Therapists, Recruiters, Ministers, Managers, and Leaders.

The Golden Report Includes:

  • Easy to interpret pages
  • In-depth personality profile portraits
  • Advanced type predictions reporting scoring
  • Temperament portraits
  • Career and educational major suggestions
  • Stress portraits and management suggestions
  • Cardinal and central trait at a glance
  • Coaching tips and suggestions
  • Two Report Options to Choose From
  • Talent Management Report Sample Report
  • Self Development ReportSample Report

How much does the Golden cost?

Prices charged depend on how and by whom it is purchased. Purchased individually the survey, report and guidebook are $29.95. When purchased by administrators for use with their clients the cost is determined by the number of administration credits purchased. The more ordered, the lower the cost. Learn More!

Development of the Golden Personality Profiler

The Golden Personality Profiler has a long and rich history spanning two generations of psychologists. 1960s the Rev. Dr. Edward S. Golden played an integral role pioneering and popularizing the use and research/development of other global recognized personality assessments and later funded and supported validation research. Building upon that base and following in his father's footsteps Dr. John Patrick Golden assumed leadership of the family business Golden LLC in 1995. The Golden Personality Profiler is now published globally, available in 13 foreign languages. The Golden Personality Type Profiler, version 4.0 is published under license from Golden LLC with the world's premier assessments publishers. Tailored to meet the growing assessment needs of the secondary, higher education and personal development the newest version called the Golden Personality Profiler - GPP (survey and report - version 5.0 and 5.1) is published and administered online only by Golden LLC.

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