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Frequently Asked Questions

We get lots of questions. That's why we created this FAQ page for the most commonly asked questions. Just click on any question to display the answer inline on the page.

What does Golden LLC do with the assessment data entered by individual clients, as well as administrators and their clients. How do you protect the privacy and confidentiality of these client's data?

Golden LLC:

Does not access client data for any purpose other than generating reports, either directly for customers (individual clients) or indirectly (for administrators conducting assessment of their clients).

Does not maintain personal data on clients other than email addresses provided as part of the login experience.

Administrator accounts are Login and Password protected. Administrators can enter their own unique Login and Password and may change their codes at anytime.

Assessment administrators can delete client data whenever they choose through features within their password protected assessment center dashboard.

Individual client data is only stored in the form of raw responses only.

Personality characteristics and results are scored using a proprietary, confidential and secured protocol.

Golden LLC may use aggregate client response data to research and analyze response patterns, however that research data never includes, nor reports, any individual responses or names.

Does not maintain any client or customer credit card information. A secure third party credit card transaction service is used by Golden LLC.

Administration Accounts...

Once my Administration Account is active, how do I direct my clients/students to complete an assessment?

Use the numeric Access Code, your unique 7-digit code provided when your account was first activated. Give your Access Code to anyone you want to complete an assessment. Instruct them to go to, select Take A Test, and Access Code. Remember to clearly identify which assessment you want them to complete.

How do I access my Administration Account?

On the Home page login link, enter your account ID and your password.

How do I purchase more assessment credits?

Purchase more credits from within your account page; select 'Credits' and then select the Assessment you want to purchase more credits for. You can also purchase more credits through the More Options/Make Payments/Order Assessments link on your account.

How much do assessment credits cost?

In your account, you can review price and volume based discounts for assessments by selecting Credits and Assessment you want to purchase more credits for. You can also review prices and discounts through the More Options/Make Payments/Order Assessments link.

Can we create a link on our website where our clients or employees can be directed to the beginning of the designated online assessment on our account?

Yes, you would build your own assessment portal on your website with the user-input fields - full name and email address. The remaining form fields would be hidden. You can also direct users directly back to a designated web site page when the assessment is finished. Golden LLC developers can provide more specific guidance as needed and we can develop a proposal to build the interface for you.

Are your support resources really free?

Yes, Golden LLC provides those who purchase assessments with access to free resources, such as guidebooks, handouts, and technical manuals. These valuable resources provide necessary insight needed to understand and interpret the reports.

What do the Account Assessment "Status" comments mean?

Every assessment on your account has a status comment.
"Active" means the assessment demographics have been entered and a record has been activated.
"Started" means the assessment was begun.
"Completed" the assessment has been finished.
"Downloaded" means the report has been downloaded.

Do I have to download each report?

The default option set within your account is to limit access to reports until you have downloaded them. You are not charged for any assessment until a report is downloaded.

Can reports be obtained directly by my clients/employees/students?

You have the option from within your account to select to have your clients gain immediate access to their report upon completion of the online assessment. This feature is popular among administrators, like professors and coaches who prefer to put the reports quickly into the hands of their clients and/or prefer not to have to take the time to download reports and/or print, save or email them. Your account must have sufficient credits available in order for this feature to work. Clients completing assessments when sufficient credits are not available will be able to get their reports from their administrator through the download process once additional credits have been purchased.

I perform psychological testing and was trained not to disclose raw psychological testing data directly to clients. I now have a client asking for access to their testing data, claiming HIPAA [Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996] requires disclosure to patients. Of course I give my client their full report of the results, but the client is insisting on getting the raw data. Is my client correct?

Although psychological test publishers, like Golden LLC are not specifically covered HIPPA healthcare entities, your professional practice maybe. If so, your client is correct, you are required to disclose test data to them. However, clients do not always have access to all of the assessment materials and results. Golden LLC supports providing access to all scale scores and raw response. In fact, the Golden Report already discloses all scale scores calculated by the scoring system and Golden LLC provides access to raw responses for our assessments through the administrator control panel.

If such a request is made you can use the Data Retrieval feature on your dashboard to locate the data in the form of raw responses. If you need help contact email

Values Arrangement List...

Can you really assess a person's values?

Not only can you assess values, it's one of the most important aspects of human behavior to assess. Most people have taken personality, IQ or interest assessments, but virtually no one has ever taken a values assessment. Personality tells you what you are, IQ tells you how well you deal with complexity and interests tell you about what you enjoy doing. None of them tell you what really motivates you. When you assess values you're identifying what beliefs matter most. The VAL presents a unique picture of what behaviors and life goals are most important. Knowing that helps people make better decisions and choices, and helps them stay calm, cool and collected in the most difficult situations. There's no other tool on the market that achieves what the VAL does!

Can I use both the VAL and the Golden Personality Profiler with the same client?

Absolutely! The VAL and the Golden are peanut butter and jelly of the assessment world. Personality tells you who you are and your values tell you why you do the things things you do. For example, you can have two people who have the same Golden type profile and similar facet scale pattern, but have very different value priorities. Similar behavior approach, but different motivations and purpose. Together they present a more complete picture of who a person is and what direction they are headed in!

Do you need to take a certification course to administer the VAL?

No, the VAL is an A-Level assessment, meaning you don't have to take a course to be qualified to purchase and administer the VAL. Golden LLC is developing more resources, but we recommend that administrators start by reading the VAL Technical Manual, Understanding Personal Values guide book, take the VAL themselves and administer the VAL to a family member, friend or colleague before they use it with their clients.

Golden Personality...

What is the difference between the Golden Personality Profiler on and the Golden Personality Type Profiler?

The Golden Personality Profiler v5.1 is the newest version of the Golden and is available only on's online assessment platform. The newest version of the Golden assessment provides for two report options Talent Management and Self Development reports and has two new report that includes an advanced profile determination scoring method. The GPP has two new Tense Calm Scales called Unsettled vs Resilient and Unconstrained vs Regulated. The report also contains a temperament profile, career and educational major suggestions, stress profile and management suggestions, and Cardinal & Central Traits, and Coaching Tips content. The new name reflects a return to the original name of the assessment Personality Profiler and the addition of the Golden brand...Golden Personality Profiler.

What's new about the Golden Personality Profiler version 5.1?

v5.1 of the Golden represents a major step in the evolution in the development of the Golden and specifically to the Tense Calm dimensions's Facet Scales. The Unsettled/Resilient and Unconstrained/Regulated Facet Scales round out the development of the Tense Calm Global domain.

With the launch of v5.1 administrators have the choice of selecting one of two reports version, either the Talent Management report or the Self Development report.

Why are there so many different names for the Golden assessment?

Shakespear's quote..."a rose by any other name is still a rose" works for the Golden too. The Golden by another light is still a Golden! The original name given to the assessment in 1994 was 'The Personality Profiler'. In 2002 a license was signed with Hogrefe to publish the assessment in Germany which they called the Golden Profiler of Personality (GPOP). Scientific naming conventions hold that the authors's last name be used and Hogrefe was the first to follow that tradition. When ECPA licensed the assessment for the French market they called it the Golden Inventory of Psychological Development. In 2004, Harcourt purchased ECPA and licensed the assessment, naming it the the Golden Personality Type Profiler. That same year the College Board acquired MyRoad an online career and education planning website which incorporated the Golden assessment. They did not want to use the name selected by Harcourt, so they adopted the name the ORA Personality Profiler. ORA was the name of the business founded by The Rev. Dr. Edward S. Golden, which originally owned and developed the assessment. Harcourt was itself purchased by Pearson which assumed the license from Golden LLC. Golden LLC was formed in 2004 when ORA, Inc. was dissolved and GoldenLLC was formed in Florida. Our objection to the use of the word "type" in the title stems from the growing understanding that the Golden is not just a Jungian type test. The Five Factor model, Hippocrates Temperament Theory, Allport's Trait Theory and Selye's Stress Theory are central to the success of the assessment, and needed to be recognized as such.

In 2016, Golden LLC decided to end the branding/naming confusion and launch the Golden Personality Profiler. The Golden Personality Profiler signifies a convention of using the Golden family name and the Personality Profiler, the affirmation that it is more than a simple "type" test. The Golden is the short name for the assessment and that seem's to be just right!

How do I select the Talent Management and Self Development reports?

You can select the type of GPP report you want to use from within your administration account. From the menu line, select 'My Account' and under the Account Preferences section, select either the Talent Management and Self Development report. Click the submit button to confirm your selection.

Remember, you are only charged for a credit when the report is initially downloaded. That means you can request both report types for a client by changing the report type as instructed above.

What's the difference between the Talent Management and the Self Development report?

Both reports contain the same Global and Facet Scale structure. The narrative profile content is subtly different between the two versions. The Talent Management report utilizes the same content as the earlier version and is written to reflect the style and behavior of the profile type within a work, organizational or employment settings such as executive coaching teaming and leadership applications.The Self Development report is written towards a general assessment audience and is ideal for education, career planning and life coaching and relationship/family settings. It includes the Career and Educational Majors Suggestions content.

Both the Talent Management and Self Development reports utilize the advanced scoring of the rare three out-of-pattern facet scale pattern for better initial profile determination, stress management content, temperament, cardinal, central and coaching suggestions.

How we can make available the other translated Golden Personality Profiler languages versions besides English?

Access to the Golden in German, Czechoslovakian, Turkish, French, Dutch, UK English can be accomplished through one of our international publishers or distributors.

What are the origins of the Golden Assessment?

The Golden has a deep and rich history stemming back more than 60 years. In the 1960s, Dr. Rev. Edward Smith Golden founded the North East Career Center at Princeton Theological Seminary. Dr. Golden pioneered the use of vocational and psychological tests to guide clergy and church staff to more fulfilling lives and careers. In 1970 Dr. Golden founded Organizational Renewal Associates, Incorporated, a consulting company that took assessment and career development testing to for-profit companies, non-profits, educational and government organizations around the globe. Using a multi-battery assessment approach Golden introduced more than 100,000 people to the power of self-knowledge through these self-report assessments. Tools like the Sixteen-Personality Factor (16-PF), Briggs Myers Type Indicator, Strong Vocational Interest Blank for men and for women, Campbell Interest and Skills Survey, Rokeach Value Survey, WAIS-PAS, Adjective Checklist, and many other assessments were applied over ORA’s 35 year legacy Golden and ORA staff professionals were recognized as top experts in the application and interpretation of these assessments.

The massive multi-level assessment database resulting from decades of use was viewed as rich source of research. During the 1980's Dr. Golden hired David Saunders, Ph.D. to head up its cross assessment research and development effort. Saunders worked with Raymond Cattel on the development of the first version of the 16PF and later at Educational Testing Service, the first publisher of the Briggs Myers assessment under his research oversight.

In 1979, Dr. Golden and ORA staff coordinated and produced the first conference of experts using Carl Jung's Psychological Type theory in Philadelphia. Attendees were charged a membership fee which became the Association of Psychological Type (APT). In 1980, following the death of Isabel Myers, Ed, Sally, John and his wife Kiron, joined Dr. Saunders, his wife Fran, the official biographer of Isabel Myers life, and Isabel’s son Peter at Isabel Myers home in Swarthmore, PA. Auctioneers were coming the next day to sell off the Myers personal possessions, but the data collected over Isabel's life needed to be saved. Dr. Saunders was contracted to organize and conduct research on the data saved that day. ORA and the Golden family, including Dr. Golden, Sally and their oldest son Scott formed the expert team directing Sanders in his research efforts. Every question ever developed by Myers and a dozen or so created by Saunders were aggregated into an assessment which became the MBTI form J, Type Differentiation Indicator and later the Expanded Analysis Report Form M, now called the Myers Briggs Step 2. Data collected from ORA clients became the basis of the correlational and validation research of these assessment which included the Rokeach Values Survey, 16PF, Strong, and ACL results. Because of the rich data collected by ORA, Sunders was able to complete the research quickly; however, the enormous cost of supporting the research took a toll on the resources of ORA.

Seeking to recoup that research investment, ORA sought formal research and training rights from the Myers' and the MBTI publisher CPP. Despite their best efforts a relationship was not to be and ORA was forced to break off its deep friendship and informal business relationships with CPP and the Myers. During that period, Dr. Saunders was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and subsequently retired. ORA hired his protege Donald Johnson, Ph.D. to assume his research role. In 1993 Dr. Johnson, along with Dr. John Golden, Ed Golden's youngest son and President of ORA, forged the strategy to develop ORA's own personality, interest and values assessments. James Hughes, Isabel Myers son-in-law, was also a member of the ORA team assembled to undertake this venture. Today, Golden LLC, now carries on ORA's mission to bring the Golden Personality assessment to the world.

What language versions exist for the Golden?

Nine language versions currently exist: US and UK English, French, Dutch, Turkish, German, Czechoslovakian, with Hungarian, Croatian, Slovakian and Russian to be published in 2019.

Can the Golden Personality Profiler be used as an employment selection and hiring tool?

The Golden Personality Profiler was not designed as a selection tool. Appropriate use of psychological tests used in selection and hiring requires that assessments be constructed to measure aspects of the jobs they are screening candidates for. These are called Bonafide Occupational Qualifications (BFOQ) or aspects of the jobs that determine employee success. This typically means that each job being screened for has to be analyzed for the specific BFOQ factors required. This can be an expensive and time consuming process. In the end, no matter how well a test is constructed and validated, there is no assurance that the legal system of a country will agree that it, or the process surrounding the assessment, does not result in discriminatory hiring practices. Each country has its own laws that must be understood. The United States Federal Law allows assessments to be used for selection screening, but these laws continue to be challenged with the net result meaning that employers must be judicious and responsible when using tests in the hiring process. Some organizations may include the Golden as part of a comprehensive candidate screening process with professional level employees. In such cases, the use of the Golden is designed to enlighten both the employer and potential employee in areas of strengths and developmental opportunities to guide the selection process.

The Golden is most effective when applied as a post hiring developmental tool. The results can be used effectively to understand, manage and mentor new employees and form effective teams. However, the Golden's theoretical base and the global and facet scales measured can be used as a model to help guide the hiring and selection process. Asking questions like:

What type profile is needed in the open position?
What trait characteristics define effective and ineffective job performance?
What skills must be developed that are counter to the ideal type and trait profile in a candidate?

Is the Golden Personality Profiler just not another Jungian personality test?

No, the Golden is so much more than just a Jungian personality type test. The Golden is a universal personality tool that combines five of the most widely accepted and respected theories of personality, including the five factor, trait, temperament, general adaptation/stress and Jung's psychological type theory into one comprehensive and elegant model. These theories are reported in the form of the five global scales and 40 facet scales of the Golden.

The Golden also achieves significant advances in personality assessment and measurement. Advanced item format and content, scoring methods, report content, support materials and training for the Golden all in an online format distances itself from other Jungian assessments, as well as all other assessments of personality.

What is the Golden Personality Profiler Team report?

The Golden Personality Profiler Team Report is a tool administrators, team leaders and team members use to extend the knowledge gained about oneself to others interacting as part of a team. The report can be developed with up to 30 team member names or as anonymous team members. Leaders can be identified or not. Explore Global Scale and Team Profiles Descriptions, as well as Facet Scale comparisons. Administrators can use the report to prepare for group programs and meetings.

Can I get the Golden Personality Profiler using the Judging Perceiving (J/P) format?

Yes, administrator's can select between the traditional Judging Perceiving, or J/P format, or the more effective organiZing/Adapting, or Z/A format. This feature is set in the Administrator's dashboard &qout;My Account" tab. Depending on your professional preferences and your client needs, you can use one or the other, or switch between them as needed. However, you will find that most support materials and the online training certification course and Learning modules use the preferred Z/A format.

Why does the Golden Personality Profiler use OrganiZing/Adapting (Z/A) instead of Judging/Perceiving (J/P) for the fourth dimension of personality profile?

The A/Z dimension was incorporated into the original Golden Personality Profiler in 1995. A general agreement among psychologists that it's an important dimension in behavior that can and should be measured. While this dimension is called many names, it is found in most comprehensive surveys of personality. The selection of organiZing/Adapting (Z/A) label is based on 1) these two words best capture the overall meaning of the constructs measured; 2) they effectively convey, in everyday language, the behaviors within that construct. Organizing and Adapting help people remember and communicate this idea effectively. We found understanding, interpretation, and retention to be a problem with the Judging/Perceiving labels originally defined by Carl Jung to describe the Thinking & Feeling Judging dimension and Sensing/Intuiting Perceiving Function. Isabel Myers later constructed an advanced model to determine Jung's dominant function and called the fourth dimension Judging and Perceiving. The Factor Analytic statistical technique used to develop the Golden requires a test developer to use both science and art in the creation of their test, science in numbers and art in interpretation. In the case of the fourth dimension, organiZing and Adapting represent the two best single labels describing the item content.

Certification Training...

What is certification training?

Successful completion of the Golden online Certification Training Course program provides access to people who are not automatically qualified by their educational credentials to purchase the assessments published by both Golden LLC. In addition, certification training is recommended for anyone who wants to maximize their understanding and increase their effectiveness in using the Golden.

Assessment publishers assign one of three qualification levels (A, B, or C) to all assessments published. Before your first purchase you will be asked to complete a Purchaser Registration and will be assigned a purchase qualification level A, B or C based on your educational and professional credentials. Your purchase level indicates that you can purchase all assessment products at or below that level. For example if you are designated as Level B, then you may purchase all instruments published that are rated Level A and B, but not those designated Level C. You can be educationally qualified or you can become qualified to administer instruments through special workshops.

You will gain the basic understanding needed to effectively administer, present, and interpret our assessments. You will learn the finer points of using these assessments from the experts who have developed and applied these tools in diverse group and individual application settings. Certification increases your knowledge, your self-confidence in using our assessments and your ability to deliver successful programs using our assessments and their support products.

Who should take the online Certification Training Course?

Professionals planning to purchase administer or interpret the Golden Personality Profiler, Golden Student Profiler, VAL, VAL-Teen or VALOR, including:
- Human Resource Trainers
- Human Resource Managers
- Executive and Life Coaches
- Business Owners and Executives
- Social Workers
- Guidance and Career Counselors
- Management Consultants
- Organizational Development Consultants
- Pastoral Counselors
- Religious Leaders
- Outplacement Consultants
- Executive Recruiters
- School Counselors
- Teachers
- Tutors/College Guidance Advisors
- Professors
- Researchers
- Educational Administrators

How much does it cost?

Online Programs:
Golden LLC offers online Certification Training Course for the Golden Personality Profiler.

Online Options:
- Certification Training Course - $499
- Zone B Membership - $99

What is Zone B?

Zone B is our Golden Personality Profiler member center. You can access learning modules to learn about the Golden or refresh your knowledge prior to using it again. There are free resources, fun exercises, member sharing and communication features, data sharing functions, member profile and much, much more. If you're qualified by education and experience to use the Golden, Zone B is the place to start, if you need the Certification Training Course to bring your qualifications up to Level B standards, the online certification course is the place to start and when you pass the certification exam at the end your account is transferred to a Zone B membership status.