About us

Golden LLC - a pioneer in the assessment industry for 60 years. Rev. Dr. Edward S Golden founded the North East Career Center at Princeton Theological Seminary in the 1960's offering assessment series for clergy and staff seeking career direction and guidance. He then founded Organizational Renewal Associates, Inc. (ORA) in 1971 to expand the career assessment benefits to organizations across the globe. In 1990's, under the leadership of Ed's son Dr. John Patrick Golden, ORA shifted its mission to include developing, researching its own proprietary line of assessments. In 2004, ORA restructured its business model to focus exclusively on publishing assessments as Golden LLC.

Making it Better

Having studied, researched and interpreted hundreds of different self-assessment tests to more than 100,000 individual clients over we learned what worked and what didn't. We applied that knowledge to the ever changing information and technology tools to make the best online assessments available.


Simple is better! Our online assessment platform is better because it's easy to use. We originally developed the platform when there were few online systems available. As the technology has changed we focused on making it continually better!

Our core values help us to achieve our mission
Our goal is to develop, research, and distribute the highest quality assessment products in the world.
  • Credibility. We must uphold our honor and your trust
  • Drive. Motivation with discipline meets our objectives
  • Passion. We care deeply about our mission's impact
  • Accuracy. Precision is the key to achieving the highest quality possible
  • Proactivity. Industry change that sets new standards
  • Mutual Learning. The cyclical process of clients learning from us while we in turn learn from our clients
  • Global partnership. Reaching out across borders
"Thanks for service beyond the norm - just superb."

"The GPP is a great starting point for anyone who wants to get on any kind of personal growth plan."
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